Web Design Cape Town South Africa is a professional web designer specializing in website designing and internet marketing and is based in beautiful city of Cape TownSouth Africa. We are a local business trading as 1st Page Adverting SA. Contact us on +27 79659 0274 to get the best website optimizing results in South Africa. We recommend for all new and old business owners to read the information this website is offering. It’s very important and it’s free. If you are planning to hire a web design company to create a new website or if you are planning to do optimising to your existing website then equip yourself by reading all the info I am sharing and in so doing you will be in a better position to ensure you employ the right person for the job. This is wise and called good planning for the future of your business. Good luck with your goal! 

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Owning or renting a website is the same as having a property on land. If you have a property of your own or if you are renting it, is the most important priority we should have in life considering that this is our main supply line of provision and generating a stable income besides the other extras. Making sure you have peace of mind every month that the rent, rates, water bill and other expenses are covered is the one reason you need in order to feel inspired and why you need to get a website created. The days of running around with pamphlets and advertising in the local news papers is just not enough anymore. Having good, loyal and existing clients as a result of the ‘word of mouth’ method are all good, but there is a limit to that too and it simply does not sustain our means of living with the cost of living drastically increasing daily. My advice is very simple. Get a Web design quote and click here to contact my online office. Getting your business on the internet and following online trends of internet marketing in Cape Town South Africa is where you need to feed your supply line from. I am an entrepreneur graphic designer who has equipped my self with over 12 years experience in simplifying matters and understanding the art and science of the internet and website optimizing. I am pretty easy with negotiating my rates concerning website design Cape Town prices, so don’t hesitate to contact us here at Web Design Cape Town South Africa

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Google Website friendly: The Most Important thing!

We build all our websites and designing by using simple logical links structures as per google guidelines. Here is a link you may find more facts at the heart of Google’s main supply source. This is a very important FACT that we advise everybody interested in knowing about websites and all kinds of web or internet related issues. Don’t ever feel obligated to purchase a search engine optimization service. Some seo companies in Cape Town South Africa claim to guarantee high ranking and even 1ST page advertising for your website in Google’s search engine. The only promise any good and experienced expert SEO is able to make – Is to provide a better rankings for your site. There are definitely legitimate consulting agents that can improve your site’s flow and content. There are also lots of deceptive tricks and tactics offered and freely available on the web of seo companies fooling search engines. Be careful of this because these are the same companies who will get your website deleted in Google’s search engine. If you trying new things. Here are some tips to follow. As a Webmaster tips give general style, technical, and quality tips. Below are a lot of elaborated tips for making a Google-friendly web site. Give your browsers the knowledge they are craving for. Provide high-quality content on your pages, particularly your homepage. This is often the only most vital factor to try. If your pages contain helpful info, your content will automatically attract several guests and lure even webmasters to link to your web site. In making a useful, information-rich web site, write pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic. Make sure that different sites link to yours. Links facilitate search engine crawlers to notice your web site and might provide your site with larger visibility in search results. Once returning results for a quest, Google uses refined text-matching techniques to show pages that are each necessary and relevant to every search. Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote by page A for page B. Votes solid by pages Keep in mind that Google’s algorithms will distinguish natural links from unnatural links easy because it’s their aim to make sure uneducated web masters are found better with and by using their own words in comparison with experts in this game. Natural links to your web site develop as a part of the dynamic nature for your online presense. Only natural links are helpful for each categorization and ranking of your website. Read more on what Google explains.

Why is my Website not showing up in Google or Yahoo?

The search engines haven't indexed the positioning of your website. If you create a website, optimize it or simply ad the smallest change to your website. This change should be updated soon after you have worked on it. Like any building plans with new add-ons and soon after any refurbishments have been completed – An approved inspector instructed by the state must follow designated criteria to approve the new improvements. An example to follow would be to look at the scenario when the sale of a new house must first undergo state approve compliance approvals. The old or new house with its new improvements must include various compliance certificates such as plumber certificate, and electrical compliance approval or a property maintenance compliance certificate before the state can apply the new rates or taxes. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo operates on very similar operating system. This is called submitting the new changes for new updates and indexing. Google's search results are free and easy; you don't even need to submit your site to Google. Google is a fully automated search engine that uses software known as "web crawlers" that explore the web on a regular basis to find sites to add to our index. In fact, the vast majority of web sites listed in Google search results aren't manually submitted for inclusion, but found and added automatically when our bots crawl the web. There is actually so much I could share with you regarding this very important fact but I don’t want to further bore your with all this info. However – Should you be more interested to find out more? Don’t hesitate but click here. Google continues to explain more.

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How did people find me on the Internet – What do they look for?

What you should know about the Internet and Website Optimizing:

Owning or Renting a Website is like renting or owning a Property:

Understanding the Art & Science of Algorithms of Google on the Internet:

How can I build a Website for FREE?

Google.co.za, Yola.com, Wix and Weebly as well as other hundreds and thousands of other free market of online web sites are offering this for free creating new website media tools to use. As an experience website designer and internet user I started my website designer job and career with graphics designing and playing around with programs such as coral draw, adobe, and photo shop. I only discovered much later in life and after building my own website that wait – Where the hell is my website. Why am I not found on Google’s first page? You can well imagine the amount of efforts I had to eventually put in to get great first page rankings in Google. It was not easy because at that time I didn’t know nearly as much as I know now and I still think I know little. One just can’t catch up with Google. They are too big, to advance and equipped with all the years of experience and loaded. The best thing you can do as a user is to make use of their free website services and do whatever it takes to utilise it to your advantage. This very website called www.mybusiness.yolasite.com including www.webdesigncapetownsouthafrica.yolasite.com was build using the free yola.com templates. Yola makes it so much easier and with much less time spends to build a professional website for free in Cape TownSouth Africa. To continue building a free website and to see a perfect example on one of the many websites we’ve build and currently ranking first on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Click here to see proof of our expert work. Our web designing company in Cape Town is a reliable and speaks of 12 years experience. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions. Contact us now.

Which Website is or look better, Fancy or the Right way of doing?

We follow the google guidelines when we create fancy websites. Google gives us a clear perspective on what you can more or less expect concerning quality guidelines to meet the with other big internet search engines. What is a fancy website and how does it really matter if all you want to do is make a nice fancy website. Well – This is a good question. Let’s ask our self the following question being a business owner. Who did I employ to do my website? What homework did I did do prior to the hiring of the web designer whether it was in Cape Town, Blouberg Strand, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, The Northern Suburbs or anywhere else in South Africa. In a second I will also explain why I am using these abovementioned keywords to answer your question concerning Web Designers Cape Town. When you hired your new web designer, did you ask about the reference of previous work? How many websites did your new website company so far created? What are these websites called and where are they ranked on Google’s first page? Now – What makes a web site fancy? Great pictures in high definition and resolution will create the ultimate background banner for your website. This will establish a good relationship with new online internet clickers for when they visit or land on your uniform research locator. This is referred to as the URL, called the html internet name used to describe the name of your website, which is the text and content wording found after the beginning of http://www. With the new high definition images loaded to your home page or landing page of your website, if these images are not properly optimised – Google including most big search engines take long seconds to load these pages. Now remember. If this is the case where your page takes to long to load, then Google including the other engines simply moves onto the next best website that is better optimized. These websites are normally and in general also your competition who sells and offers the same service and products and they are located in the same area where your business is located. Let’s say your website has been optimized properly and all your images meet the criteria required for good responsive access. What could still be wrong? Crawling and indexing of the web is a journey of millions of stats queried seconds after seconds every second of a 24hour day typed into a search looking for documents that is relevant to your customers. This process of data and documents being searched for whether it be a contact number for any particular business, image or you tube, Facebook account, twitter connection or linked in account – They all form part of the processes that lays the foundation on how we gather and organise information on the internet that are most  useful to us. Google gives us the right information free to help all find the best results using their strategies. In other cases where a website is optimised correct, a slow internet service provider may cause the bigger part of any specific search to take slow to load onto your desktop monitor or your mobile device. Using the correct font, the right contrast colour and themes in your website structuring and the decision in planning the launch of your brand must be inspired by knowing the facts. To answer your question about which website is or look better, fancy or the right way; the answer is – Contact us and let’s chat. Click here to CHAT WITH US.